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Associate Strategy Director - Comms & Media

The opportunity

One of Seattle’s fastest growing private agencies is on the hunt for a talented media and communications strategy creator. This is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor and help accelerate the growth of this brand development company. This person will lead the communications and media strategy work for key clients partnering with agency leadership to drive innovative communications thinking, strong creative partnership, and work closely with program management to set a path for flawless execution of impactful work,

Who you are
  • Media & communications-focused thinker | You’re motivated and satisfied by crafting smart strategies for how brands and campaigns can live in comms ecosystems, translating conceptual ideas into tangible realities.
  • Media tech obsessed | You’re fascinated by and driven to experiment with new communications media and technologies beyond just social and digital, known for your innovative application of what you know about these platforms.
  • Collaborative creator | Your gravity with teams and clients comes from your unique perspective and ability to create space for both people and ideas through your work.
  • Clear communicator | You’re great at find the right level to communicate clearly when sharing media strategies with colleagues, clients and partners – not too surface level, not too many details, always strongly compelling.
  • Believer in unpretentious process | Not precious with your process, you often get more from sharing early rough thinking than reviewing polished work and you believe that sometimes the best discovery happens in the doing.
  • A creator | Your senior perspective doesn’t come with a distance from the making of the work; your standard posture is leaned in and loving the labor of crafting something new.
What you love and are great at doing
  • Media/Comms strategy & GTM planning | You develop sharp and innovative comms and media ideas, equipped with the know how to organize media ecosystems and identify new opportunities that open doors to valuable customer experiences and anchor agency and client teams in confidently arranged plans.
  • The game plan | You start projects by setting altitude in questions and thinking, competently marshalling yourself and team; you see the whole gameboard and can orchestrate the moving pieces and develop clear paths forward.
  • Briefs | Whether a more traditional word doc, a PowerPoint presentation, or a simple photo of a whiteboard, you’re able to craft strong briefs fitting whatever best serves your project and team.
  • Creative partnership | Working with your creative team is second nature at all stages of the process; it goes beyond crafting strong briefs that fit what best serves your project and team, it’s as natural for them to be in your strategy work as it is for you to be in their creative.
  • Client presentation & relationships | You are at home engaging with clients in both presentation and work session environments, confident in communication, and powerful in relationship building.
  • Research & insights abilities | Qualitative, quantitative – you’re well equipped to do it all, identifying both formal and scrappy ways to gather customer insights to inform strategic planning and creative ideation
What this job’s about

Collaboration and partnership

  • Develop deep partnership with creative leads, program management leads and media planning & execution partners
  • Brief creatives and partner with creative leads to develop creative work, acting as part guide part sounding board
  • Mentor team members and support the building of agency media expertise
  • Driver of a strong and successful client relationship based in strategic vision, trust and partnership, sets the tone and culture for other team members

Strategic and client leadership

  • Responsible for the oversight of all strategic work across client(s) within your remit
  • In partnership with program management and creative lead, responsible for the growth of client’s strategic and creative business
  • In partnership with program management lead, identify and prioritize resourcing and management needs, investment opportunities, and growth opportunities for client business
  • Primary driver of a strong and successful client relationship based in strategic vision, trust and partnership, sets the tone and culture for other team leaders and members

Media strategy development & leadership

  • Lead and manage research, communications/media strategy and GTM planning for a number of B2B and B2C clients
  • Responsible for the oversight of all media planning and execution for media campaigns
  • Expert in analyzing media reporting, finding opportunities for elevating, and optimizing current and future campaigns
  • Be a point of gravity in the agency on media technologies and innovation, contributing thinking to other areas of strategic work (e.g., brand and market); primary weight is on media & communications strategy
The benefits

Salary DOE

Medical, dental & vision


Paid vacation

It is the policy of BnB and any of its affiliates to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, age, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, or any other basis prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local law.

To Apply
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