ESG Statement


At Bread n Butter, our values of Trust, Ownership and Flexibility are central to our commitment to advance and maintain a net positive impact on our people, the communities where our people live and work, and the shared environment around us. We are committed to operating responsibly and to reconciling profit with public interest to deliver a positive impact on our society. Our specific ESG efforts are a core element of our goal to be one of the most ethical, flexible, useful and innovative creative and strategic agencies in the world.


We are dedicated to reducing our energy and carbon footprint, recognizing climate change to be one of the most significant global challenges, and review and report our emissions annually. Our sustainability program focuses on environmentally responsible initiatives such as remote and flexible workplaces that bring immediate benefits in efficiency, value and well-being for our business, our employees and the broader community.

We actively encourage our clients and partners to adopt sustainable and eco-friendly practices by promoting a paperless office environment and a transition to digital solutions whenever possible.

Social Responsibility

Our primary focus is on maintaining a safe and supportive work environment while delivering best-in-class work for our client partners. We are dedicated to engaging our employees and vendors in an equitable,  inclusive and diverse work environment that fosters their professional growth. We prioritize work-life balance and overall well-being, placing our team’ s health at the forefront of our working week. Initiatives such as Wellness Weeks, VTO (Volunteer Time Off), generous vacation policies and parental leave are just some of the ways we show our commitment to this core ESG tenet.

Moreover, we are unwavering in upholding human rights and welfare, both within our own business operations and throughout our supply chain, adhering to our Equal Employment and Employee Conduct Policies.


We are committed to  promoting robust oversight, transparency and risk management at every level of our organization, ensuring the long-term preservation of value for our business, our clients  and our people.

We believe strongly in management accountability and proactive risk management. We actively work to mitigate risk exposure and bolster our business’s resilience to challenges like climate change, seismic events and other catastrophic incidents with our Disaster Recovery Plan. We are unwavering in our commitment to high ethical standards, supported by a robust Code of Employee Conduct and ongoing ethics training, and champion  a culture of integrity.

Our ESG governance is overseen by an internal ESG team that  has set key goals and taken shared accountability to deliver against them now and in the future.